The warm coworking space, 75°+ for those of us who like it hot.
Launching in Boston & Miami

Warm & Cozy

A warm coworking space set to a nice 75° and up! A hot oasis for your winter. No more freezing A/C in the summer! 🌷

Your Comfort Zone

Get into the flow and experience deep concentration now that you’re not an ice cube 🧊 –> 🏝️

Specialty Climate

This is too hot for many people. But for those who run cold, Tropicowork is your new favorite place.

Discover a new way to work!

Cowork in a warm place you love!


Natural experience

Many of us are miserably freezing inside a cold office every day, when we would rather wear short sleeves and shorts, or cute dresses while working. Spend your 40 hours a week – a good chunk of your life – as a happy warm person.


Innovative concept

Is a warm temperature inside a building revolutionary? Surprisingly, and infuriatingly, yes. Every workplace in the United States insists on blasting A/C in the summer (or penny pinching on heating in the winter). Here we insist on a warm setting between 75° and 80°. No more thermostat battles for those of us who like it hot!


Beautiful global style

Welcome to our hot coworking space, where a fusion of cultures creates a colorful atmosphere of inspiration. From a clean tropical decor, to a positive ambiance with flowery fragrances, here you’ll find the perfect balance of comfort and functionality to fuel your work life and business journey.

Hear from our early users

Excitement for Tropicowork

Chad Germany

Business Consultant

Great balance

Highly recommended for anyone seeking a comfortable workspace! The cozy ambiance at this coworking space will significantly improve my work-life balance, making me feel motivated and content throughout the day.

Allie Lam

Marketing Coordinator

Fun and comfortable

As someone who gets easily distracted by the cold, this warm coworking space is perfect! I’ll be able to concentrate on my tasks without the pain of freezing temperatures, which lets me achieve my goals smoothly.

Flora Koyen


Highly recommended!

Finally, a coworking space that understands the importance of a cozy atmosphere! Excited about the perfect temperature, collaborative environment, and making friends in a warm place I love!

Terell Henry

Business owner

Love it!

I absolutely love the idea of working at this warm and cozy coworking space! The comfortable temperature would make it a joy to be productive and focused. I look forward to working here with a smile on my face.

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